Adoption of draft law on primary healthcare in Poland

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Adoption of draft law on primary healthcare in Poland

On August 24, 2017, the Polishh government adopted draft law on primary health care (PHC). The objectives of the reform are to provide comprehensive and high quality PHC centred on the patient; increase the role of prevention and health education; improve treatment through better organisation of PHC (including improved coordination of care between the PHC physician, nurse and midwife), better coordination of care at various levels of care and ensuring continuity of care.

According to the draft law, a PHC physician working with a nurse and a midwife will coordinate patient care. The PHC physician will also liaise with specialists who treat the patient, e.g. during hospital stay. This is meant to improve access to diagnostic tests and specialist care, including outpatient specialist care.

Financing of PHC will continue to be based on capitation rates. It will be supplemented by: (1) an entrusted budget for providing coordinated care; (2) an activity-based budget for providing preventive care; and (3) incentive pay depending on treatment outcomes and quality of provided care.

According to the draft law, physicians who have specialisation in family medicine (or physicians undergoing such specialisation) or physicians who have grade II specialisation in general medicine can work as PHC physicians. In addition, due to the insufficient number of specialists in family medicine, physicians with grade I specialization in general medicine or internal medicine will also be able to work as PHC physicians until the end of 2024. Paediatricians can also work as PHC physicians but will only be able to look after patients up to 18 years old (up to 7 years old from 2025).

Implementation of the reform will be piloted until December 31, 2019, in cooperation with the National Health Fund and the World Bank under the Operational Progamme Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020.


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