Board Meetings

The UEMO is directed by a Board composed of at least three members, which has all management and administrative powers. The Board manages the assets of the association and represents it in all judicial and other acts, through the intermediary of its President.

The Board has the power of preparing administrative or political decisions for the General Assembly, of implementing decisions taken by the General Assembly and of adopting decisions except those reserved to the General Assembly.

The 2019-2022 Board is composed by:

PRESIDENT:                 Dr Calin Bumbulut (Romania)

VICE-PRESIDENT:         Dr. Mary McCarthy(UK)

VICE-PRESIDENT:         Dr. Patrick Ouvrard (France)

VICE-PRESIDENT:         Dr. Tiago Villanueva (Portugal)

VICE-PRESIDENT:         Dr. Vesna Pekarović Džakulin (Slovenia)

Next Board Meetings

  • 2019 February 27th, online - Skype      
  • 2019 March 22nd and 23rd, Bucharest - Romania
  • 2019 September 20th and 21st, Brussels - Belgium
  • 2019 December 22nd, online - Skype
  • 2020 February 21st, online - Skype
  • 2020  May 29th, online - Zoom
  • 2020 September 11th, online - Zoom
  • 2020  November 24th, online - Zoom                                             
  • 2021  February 12th, online - Zoom
  • 2021  April 16th, online - Zoom
  • 2021  May 27th, online - Zoom