Conference in Italy paves the way for a general discussion on healthcare systems

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Conference in Italy paves the way for a general discussion on healthcare systems

UEMO, represented by Mary McCarthy, attended a three-day conference (V Congresso Regionale) entitled “Health – Comparing Public and Private”, at Desenzano, Lake Garda, in Italy, on September 21-23.

The programme of the event covered a variety of topics ranging from data privacy, healthcare evolution and changes and a comparison of healthcare systems in between countries. Yet, as the title of the conference reads, the major block of dialogue was dedicated to debate the arguments in favour and against for both private and public healthcare.

The first day of the conference, September 21, was opened with an afternoon session discussing the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation with presentations from Lavinia Mastroluca, Franco Carnesalli and Genaro Messuti.

The second day was dedicated to discuss questions of public or private domain when it comes to healthcare, with the introduction of the case study “the privatization of the health system in Lombardi”. From this point on, moderators steered the debate to the question of “What works in Europe?” as a mean of finding solutions, or perhaps trying to find whether different solutions are needed for different countries.

UEMO’s Mary McCarthy has delivered her presentation about the value of general practitioners, an important point considering the rise of doctors with symptoms of burnout due to excessive stress. Further on, the debate turned to the healthcare reforms in the United Kingdom and the dangers of privatization. Moreover, the argument of bargaining with insurance companies was also point for discussion as these companies play an important role in the whole structure of each healthcare system in Europe. The last session of the second day was sealed by a report from an American physician on the healthcare system in the United States. At the end, a roundtable discussion was created where policy makers replied to the questions from the audience and discussed topics developed by the speakers. Finally, the last day of the conference was dedicated to matters involving general practitioners’ pensions.

Overall, the conference was remarkable in the way that it wasn’t just looking at the Italian health system but also looking at other European health systems and what works well or could be adapted. There was a wide variety of speakers and a very interesting discussion after each presentation. The event was featured on Italian TV and generated much interest nationally.

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