European Commission report to address child obesity

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European Commission report to address child obesity

The European Commission jointly with the Maltese Presidency recently presented a report to help public authorities implement healthy food standards in schools.

The report was presented at a meeting on strategies to address childhood obesity and constitutes a tool for establishing clear specifications on foods and good services to be procured with the objective of facilitating the procurement of healthy foods by school authorities and ultimately reduce child obesity.

The report supports the EU High Level Group on Nutrition and Physical Activity (HLG) and the Action Plan on Childhood Obesity 2014-2020. Its specification sheets are based on recommendations from national school food policies, mapped across the EU in 2014 by the Joint Research Centre

The report see many benefits that could potentially results from the application of this report including improved quality of school food service, minimisation of health inequalities, positive effects on school attendance and performance, development of health-minded schools, and perhaps the most important of all and the purpose for which the report was drafted, reduce incidence of childhood obesity and overweight.

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