Exchange of health data across borders gets a boost from the Commission

27/11/2018 News Europe , Policy 964 Views
Exchange of health data across borders gets a boost from the Commission

The European Commission has announced the publication of a roadmap where it presents a Recommendation to establish a Format for a European Electronic Health Record (EHR) Exchange. This Recommendation follows a 2017 public consultation which revealed that all stakeholders believe that the lack of interoperability between the Electronic Health records is a great obstacle to seamless access to health data. Civil society, professional groups, trade bodies and researchers are welcome to give their input to the Commission’s roadmap until December 20.

According to the document, the Recommendation which may come into force early next year, will most likely cover aspects such as:

  • Inviting Member States to put in place strategies and where needed adapt their legislative framework to promote secure access, including cross-border, to their Electronic Health Records;
  • Recommendations to Member States regarding the adoption and further evolution of common technical specifications (including established protocols and data formats) for a European Electronic Health Record exchange format enabling cross-border access to health data;
  • Proposing a way of working between Member States, relevant stakeholders and the European Commission to continuously improve and develop specifications and standards, implement the exchange format for Electronic Health Record and monitor uptake across the EU.

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