Outcomes of the UEMO General Assembly, 7-8 June 2024, Stavanger, Norway

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On June 7 and 8, 2024, the UEMO held its Spring General Assembly in the city of Stavanger, Norway with the presence of delegations from 23 countries and representatives of six European Medical Organizations (AEMH, CPME, EJD, EMSA, FEMS and UEMS).

Helen Brandstorp, from the Norwegian Directorate of Health, gave a keynote speech on recruitment and retention challenges from the national health authorities’ perspective. Nils Kristian Klev, leader of the Norwegian Association of general practitioners also gave a keynote speech on the same topic but from the professional perspective. Finally, Roar Maagaard, President of the Nordic Federation of General Practice gave an overview of general practice / family medicine in Denmark. All speeches were highly praised and generated lively discussion among delegates.

Subsequently, UEMO agreed on a statement on lessons learned from Norway and Denmark concerning recruitment and retention of general practitioners / family physicians. It also agreed on a statement focused on recent medico-political developments in Europe which may destabilise the specialty of General Practice/Family Medicine. These developments include the relegation of the status of the medical profession, the threats to patient safety caused by uncontrolled expansion of Medical Associate Professionals (physician assistants), the training of doctors by apprenticeship and the consequential impacts upon General Practice/Family Medicine.

The Plenary voted in favour of allocating funding to trial the European Accreditation Board for Continuous Professional Development (EABCPD) project.

The Plenary also voted in favour of allowing the admission of the National Association of General Practitioners in Bulgaria (NAGPB) as a full member of UEMO.

Finally, several projects were approved in the Plenary including the revamping of the UEMO website and UEMO-EJD cooperation regarding general practice / family medicine training in Europe.


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