Romanian Draft Tobacco Control Legislation

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Romanian Draft Tobacco Control Legislation

Summary of Provisions

Romania’s Chamber of Deputies is currently considering draft legislation to adopt a number of important, FCTC-compliant measures. Currently, Romania only has strong, 100% smoke free legislation that covers traditional tobacco products. The bill, registered as PL-x 587/2019 covers the following measures:

New Products

Harmonize new products (HTP/ENDS) with traditional tobacco under all legislation.


Expand Smoke-Free legislation to include all tobacco and nicotine products (including heated tobacco and E-cigs).

Enact smoke free vehicles if pregnant women or children are present.


Enact comprehensive ban on all direct and indirect tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship, including banning the display of all tobacco/nicotine products at points of sale, including new products. Allow for advertising and promotion only in dedicated tobacco outlets.

Sellers to use only simple, black text on white paper information sheets to inform consumers.

Ban internet advertising, promotion and sponsorship of all tobacco and nicotine products, including heated tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

Tax new products as traditional tobacco and earmark revenue from all tobacco products for education programs.

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