Short version UEMO position paper – added value of team work in GP/FM

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UEMO defends the role of general practitioners/family physicians in the health care systems to promote the highest standard of patient care and consider interprofessional collaboration as an added value to the quality of care.

UEMO point out some principles:

  • Focus on local reality for the implementation of the European guidelines in health care.
  • Clear definition of responsibilities and limits, fostering a culture of mutual support and respect within healthcare team. Clear consensual definition of roles and tasks in the health care team with sufficient flexibility to adapt to local reality.
  • Value of coordination of care
  • Person-centredness
  • Promotion of patient empowerment.
  • Personal relationship over time and continuity of care.
  • Recognition of the specialist skills the GPs have in managing complexity and uncertainty, in diagnosing and in decision making.

WG complexity and competencies.

Dr. Daniel Widmer – Switzerland
chair of the group

Tiago Marques – Portugal

Agneta Sikvall – Sweden

Kate Adams – UK

Robert Festersen – Germany

Nena Kopcavar Gucek – Slovenia

Petr Subrt – Czech Republic

Giuseppe E. Rivolta – Italy

Reiner Brettenthaler – Austria

Edward Dore – Ireland

Lynda Hamilton – Ireland

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