The European Union of General Practitioners (UEMO) is a non-profit organisation of the most representative national, nongovernmental, independent organisations representing general practitioners in the countries of Europe.

Founded in 1967 by the national organisations in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and Italy, the Union quickly grew to encompass organisations from all the current Member States of the European Union as well as from the countries of the European Free Trade Association and other European countries.

Presidency and Secretariat

The Presidency and Secretariat function of the UEMO rotates from member organisation to member organisation on a four-yearly basis. Starting in Belgium, the host organisation for UEMO moved to The Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Sweden.

On 1st January 2019 the Romanian Delegation assumed the Presidency and Secretariat function for the period 2019-2022.

The Presidency of UEMO consists of the President, the Secretary-General and the Treasurer from the host country. In addition, four Vice-Presidents are attached to the Presidency.

The order of rotation of the Presidency and Secretariat is decided by the General Assembly.

The four Vice-Presidents are also elected for a four-year term of office and are not re-eligible.

The President, Secretary-General and Treasurer are responsible for implementing the decisions of the UEMO General Assembly, preparing meetings of the General Assembly, conducting the daily work of UEMO, and maintaining contacts between UEMO and the relevant European authorities, the Standing Committee of European Doctors and other international organisations.

The Vice-Presidents are responsible for advising and assisting the Presidency in planning and analysing UEMO work and policy and, at the request of the President, representing UEMO at international meetings and on other occasions. Except by special dispensation, all political officers of UEMO must be general practitioners active in medical practice.

UEMO Board 2019-2022

Calin Bumbulut MD (Romania)
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Calin Bumbulut

Calin Bumbulut

Graduated the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iuliu Haţieganu in Cluj in 1995; after graduation follows the residency in general medicine for adults and children, becoming specialist physician in family medicine in 1998, and senior physician in 2002. Since 2001 is trainer in Family Medicine, in 2000 obtained the Competency in General Ultrasonography and since 2008 is trainer of trainers.

He followed postgraduate training programs in Electrocardiography, Pre-Hospital Emergency Primary Care and Preventive Priorities at Adult and Child, Occupational Medicine, Screening for Breast, Cervical and Colon Cancer. He was lecturer in several postgraduate courses training programs. Now is Family Physician and Medical Coordinator for a team of 3 doctors in a group practice. He is also the President of Satu Mare Family Physicians Association since 2002 and the President of Satu Mare College of Physicians. Between 2006 and 2011 he was the Editor in Chief of the Medical Connections Journal (, currently being Deputy Editor.

In 2011 he was elected as Vice-President of Romanian College of Physicians, and Coordinator of Professional, Scientific and Medical Education Department ( Since his country joining at UEMO is the head of Romanian delegation.

Mary McCarthy(UK)

Mary McCarthy

Mary McCarthy

General practitioner in a three partner practice in Shrewsbury. She achieved Membership of RCGP in 1996 and she was elected as a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2008. She is a Board member of the Midlands Faculty of RCGP and a member of the Fellowship Committee. Elected to the General Practitioners Committee of the British Medical Association in 2008 and from there elected to the UEMO Delegation and to the BMA International Committee and the European Forum. She recently updated skills in child and adult safeguarding, new baby (six weeks) health checks and basic life support. She has completed an appraisal including clinical audit, significant event analysis and up to 100 hrs of CME  every year for the last 10 years and have been revalidated. Interested in Diabetes, she works one day a week at The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital Diabetic Clinic as a Hospital Practitioner (Hospital Specialist). She has presented papers on Diabetes Management at European and American Diabetic Associations and teaches junior doctors and medical students. 

Patrick Ouvrard (France)

General practitioner since 1985 in a group practice in Angers, France.
Training in General Medicine, Pediatrics, Tropical Medicine and Aeronautical and Space Medicine. Engaged in the teaching of Students in General Medicine.
Vice President of the Therapeutic Training Society of the Generalist in France, in charge of communication and of Department of Medical Anthropology.
Interests: family medicine, continuing medical education, medical anthropology, quaternary prevention, family violence.

Tiago Villanueva (Portugal)

Tiago studied medicine at the University of Lisbon, in Portugal, having graduated in 2005 and subsequently completed his general practice / family medicine specialist training in 2011. As a trainee, he was a member of WONCA's Vasco da Gama Movement Image Group.
He has worked as a locum family physician across the Greater Lisbon area (2011-2013) and works since 2017 as a Family Physician at Reynaldo dos Santos Family Health Unit, near Lisbon, and has been a Family Medicine trainer since 2018.
He has represented Secção Regional Sul da Ordem dos Médicos (Southern Portugal branch of the Portuguese Medical Association) in UEMO since 2011 and has been Head of delegation since 2014 and Vice-President of UEMO since January 2019.
He has previously worked in the United Kingdom as BMJ Clegg Scholar (2004), editor of the studentBMJ (2005), Editorial registrar of The BMJ (2013-2014), Assistant Editor of The BMJ (2014-2016), and is currently Editor-in-Chief of Acta Médica Portuguesa (the scientific journal of the Portuguese Medical Association) and Associate Editor of The BMJ and BMJ Open.

Vesna Pekarović Džakulin (Slovenia)

Vesna studied medicine at the Medical Faculty of University in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She graduated in 2001 and became a specialist physician in family medicine in 2009 and a specialist physician in occupational, sport and traffic medicine in 2015. She works at the Diagnostic Center of Šentjur where she holds the position of a professional manager. She has finished studies in health management and was the President of the Primary Health Care Committee of the Medical Chamber of Slovenia in the years 2016-2020. In the year 2020, she became the vice president of UEMO. 

She is a member of the department of family medicine of the Medical Faculty of University in Ljubljana and a member of the executive board of the Association of Family Physicians.

She is the vice-president of the section for management in health care at the Slovenian Medical Association. She is particularly interested in the areas of motivational interviewing, medical hypnosis, sleep-disordered breathing, return to work and pain management. She is very active in the field of safety in traffic and is a member of the board of the NGO »Zavod varna pot«. For several years she has been part of the organizing committee of the international learning workshops for mentors in family medicine EURACT in Bled.

Mădălina Vesa MD (Romania)

Works as Family Practitioner in a group practice in Alba Iulia , center of Transylvania.

Graduated the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iuliu Haţieganu in Cluj Napoca in 2006; becoming specialist physician in family medicine in 2010 and senior physician in 2017. Since 2015 is trainer in Family Medicine. From 2015 is member of Immunization Working Group of the National Society of Family Medicine.

She is Vice-President of Alba College of Physicians and coordinator of the Economic – Social and Health Insurance Department since 2015. She is also the Vice-President of Alba Family Physicians Associations since 2017. Since 2018 she is a member of European Academy of Teachers in General Practice and Family Medicine (EURACT).

From 2015 is Lions Club Gemina - Alba Iulia voluntary member. ”

Gindrovel Dumitra MD, PhD (Romania)

General Practitioner from 2000, in Sadova, a rural setting near Craiova.
Specialty degree in Family Medicine and trainer in Family Medicine since 2012.
He is currently one of the vicepresidents of the Romanian National Society of Family Medicine (SNMF) and coordinator of the Immunisation Working Group.
Since 2016 he represents the Dolj county College of Physicians in the National Council of Romanian College of Physicians (CMR). Appointed in 2017 as secretary in the Family Medicine advisory group at the Ministry of Health.
Currently member of the Romanian College of Physicians, National Society of Family Medicine, European Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID). Starting with 2017 he was invited to take part of the Technical Advisory Group for Increasing Vaccine Coverage at ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control). Since 2014 he is a member of the International Advisory Board of Euripa (Network of family physicians in rural and remote areas in Europe) and starting 2012 he is a member of European Academy of Teachers in General Practice and Family Medicine (EURACT).

Marie-Christine BONNAMOUR