Switzerland and Germany receive French patients amid corona virus outbreak

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Switzerland and Germany receive French patients amid corona virus outbreak

According to Swiss Info, three Swiss hospitals have agreed to provide intensive care treatment for six seriously ill coronavirus patients from the neighbouring Alsace region of France. However, experts fear that the rising number of pandemic victims will soon stretch Switzerland’s health infrastructure.

Two hospitals in Basel and one in Jura, in northwestern Switzerland, said they would each take two French patients after the Alsace authorities sent out a distress call for help. The French region has been particularly badly hit following contagion among a large church service last month.

Switzerland is currently (March 26th) the 5th European country with more infected people, with 11712 positive and 191 deaths. In total, 131 persons have recovered.

As for Germany, 3th European country in the “corona virus ranking”, has 43 646 positive cases of infected people and a remarkable small figure of 239 persons have died. A total of 5673 persons have recovered.

In France, 4th European country with more infected, 25 624 people are infected and the mortality rate has been significantly higher, with 1333 persons who have lost their lives. Yet, 3907 have recovered.

The Germans are also helping  their French neighbors. Hospitals in Germany are also providing help to French patients along with the Swiss hospitals, saying they are providing help in the spirit of solidarity and international cooperation.

“We have still three, five, seven days because we are before the (bigger) wave,” Hartmut Bueckle, a spokesman for the university clinic in Freiburg, close to the French border, told Welt TV. “We want to use this time to offer our French neighbours the possibilities we still have for now.”

Thomas Kirschning, a senior doctor and intensive care coordinator in the western city of Mannheim, said his clinic had taken a recovering 64-year-old French patient from Colmar, where the intensive care capacity is stretched to breaking point.

Italian patients also receive treatment in Germany

The wave of solidarity is reaching the Italians too. The first epicenter of the outbreak in Europe, Italy has an overwhelmed healthcare system, where more than 8200 people have died and 80 589 have been infected (March 26th).

German hospitals in three federal states are treating French and Italian citizens suffering from the respiratory disease caused by the Coronavirus. For now, they have the capacity to help other Europeans.

Hospitals in the German state of Saxony will take on at least six Italian coronavirus patients who are unable to receive treatment in their own country, said state premier Michael Kretschmer. “The Italian government asked us a few days ago whether we could help by taking care of patients who are not being taken care of in Italy.

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