The Netherlands

The Netherlands


Dr. Wendy Borneman – Head of Delegation

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Wendy Borneman (1974) works as a GP in Nijverdal, a small town in the east of The Netherlands. She started her career as a Computer Science engineer and switched to the field of Medicine by the age of 30. In 2013 she finished her GP specialisation. Since then, besides practicing Medicine, she has worked at The Dutch College of General Practitioners (the scientific society of Dutch GP’s) as a developer of e-learning for GP’s on topics such as acute ear infections, hepatitis, and pain treatment, before becoming Member of Board of the Dutch association of General Practitioners in 2016.






Dr. Geert-Jan van Loenen – Member

Geert-Jan van Loenen-Edit_lage_resolutie (1)Geert-Jan van Loenen (1957) is Member of Board of the Dutch association of General Practitioners and GP in Hengelo. He is married and has four daughters.

In January 1991 he started the two year family medicine training at the Nijmegen Institute for General Practitioners and Family Practice. The first two years of his professional career he took over the practice of GP’s. Since 1995 he is a GP in Hengelo (in the East of The Netherlands), initially as ‘old-fashioned’ solo doctor with a practice at home. Since September 2007 he however works in a modern practice with five other GP’s and their assistants, 3 practice nurses, diabetes nurses and psychiatric nurses, next to the hospital in Hengelo.













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