UEMO attends European Health Union Network at European Parliament

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UEMO attends European Health Union Network at European Parliament

UEMO attended the European Health Union Network’s meeting on January 11, at the European Parliament, where several stakeholders gathered to debate the future implementation of the European Health Data Space (EHDS) as well as the challenges associated to it. Several MEPs addressed the audience during the event, including Victor Negrescu, Tomislav Sokol, Alex Agius Saliba, and Sirpa Pietikaïnen as well as stakeholders such as AIM and the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE).


As part of the debate, UEMO proposed to support the free movement of patients and research in order to address previous concerns related to healthcare workforce shortages and lack of investment in the sector. All-in-one, doctors need to have enough time to treat patients and additional tasks should not come to reduce time available for the patients.


The EHDS was submitted in May 2022 with the goal of ensuring better access to data and to release its potential when it comes to research and innovation.  In particular, the intention is to streamline the process for patients wishing to access their medical records via electronic health record systems (“EHR systems”) and to facilitate the ability for researchers, innovators, and policy makers to use the data in a trusted and secure way that preserves privacy. However, challenges related to data protection and to gain the trust of citizens still remain. Moreover, there is uncertainty regarding interpretation of the proposal and over the protections it provides.


The European Commission is hoping that, by the end of its current mandate on 31 October 2024, the legislative process will be completed, with the EHDS becoming operational in 2025.

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