UEMO attends the first HERA Civil Society Forum

28/06/2022 News UEMO 95 Views
UEMO attends the first HERA Civil Society Forum

The first meeting of HERA (Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority) Civil Society Forum took place on June 28, 2022 and UEMO was represented by Patrick Ouvrard, reporting that the first meeting allowed the European GP/FM association to exchange views about:

  • Views of participants on lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis and HERA’s role in the response;
  • Views of participants on the state of preparedness of the Union for future health emergencies; to what extent are we better prepared than before;
  • Views of participants on priorities HERA should focus on in 2023 and beyond, and the role of civil society in those priorities.

UEMO advocated for:

  • The need for excellent communication and tools for good communication;
  • The need to extend the reflexion to global health issues and to a one health perspective (in particular the emergence of anthropozoonoses);
  • The need for initial training for our students, and continuous training for our colleagues concerning the management of a health crisis;
  • A reflection on the management of a nuclear incident, for the GP/FD and for the patients.

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