UEMO stands with the Croatian medical organizations

17/03/2023 News UEMO 178 Views

It has come to the attention of UEMO through our Croatian representative Dr. Dragan Soldo (Croatian Medical Chamber) that five Croatian medical umbrella organizations are organizing a joint protest designated as “SOS for Health”, to be held on the 18th March in St Marc Square, in front of the Government seat in Zagreb.

These organizations include the Croatian Medical Union, Croatian Medical Chamber, Croatian Association of Hospital Doctors, Coordination of Croatian Family Medicine, and Croatian Young Doctors Initiative. The Croatian Medical Chamber stands strongly with the other four Croatian medical organizations behind these demands.

The decision to protest came after a long process of negotiations with the health authorities and with the proposal of a number of concrete measures and solutions. During the epidemic, Croatian physicians remained committed to treating their patients. Once the pandemic subsided, medical organizations have been waiting for the implementation of previously agreed advancements which include a number of measures aimed at improving remuneration, and contractual and working conditions of all physicians including general practitioners/family physicians.

The dissatisfaction and demoralization of Croatian physicians including general practitioners/family physicians are the results of serious overwork and poor working conditions, inefficient health management, the decline of primary health care, and lack of healthcare reforms and government action.

The European Union of General Practitioners / Family Physicians (UEMO) strongly supports Croatian physicians, particularly general practitioners/family physicians in their ongoing fight for more respect and recognition from authorities. To that end, it is essential that their demands are taken seriously and are effectively addressed.

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