UEMO declaration on COVID 19 Vaccination

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UEMO declaration on COVID 19 Vaccination

UEMO 2021-066-UEMO declaration on COVID 19 Vaccination


Across Europe, General Practice/Family Medicine has been closely involved in the
response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The profession has not only effectively managed those
who have contracted the virus but has played a significant role in both prevention and
reducing transmission.

Thankfully, effective vaccines to COVID-19 have been rapidly developed and
Governments across the world have focused on policies designed to maximise their delivery
to populations. It became clear that rapid, systematic and widespread vaccination
programmes were critical in order to reduce both transmission of and mortality from COVID
19 and that General Practice/Family Medicine had to be at the heart of that.

Throughout Europe vaccines are increasingly available – the challenge has been
ensuring populations have access to them and ramping up vaccination capacity. Without
exception, primary care and General Practice/Family Medicine has played a critical and
central role in the delivery of vaccine programmes. Furthermore, the profession is a trusted
source of information and has demonstrated its value in educating the public, disseminating
propagating public health messaging, reducing vaccine hesitancy and maximising take up.

UEMO supports vaccination as the preferred but not the only mechanism to reduce the
consequences and death rate due to the COVID 19 pandemic and believes it is the most
effective way for society to return to pre-pandemic freedoms and address the unprecedented
social and economic crisis. Individuals should consider the public health advices.

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