UEMO discussed e-Health in Brussels: How to bridge the gap between IT implementation and healthcare professionals?

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UEMO discussed e-Health in Brussels: How to bridge the gap between IT implementation and healthcare professionals?

On the occasion of the 6th e-Health Stakeholder Group Meeting, led by DG CONNECT (Directorate-General Communications Network, Content and Technology) and DG SANTE  (Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety), the European Union of General Practitioners (UEMO) seized the opportunity to communicate current challenges and potentials facing e-Health in Europe. The meeting took place on the 12th of October in Brussels, Belgium.

The most pressing concerns regarding e-Health dimension for healthcare practitioners is the gap between technologists/regulators –  the entities responsible for developing the IT systems and how to implement them –and healthcare personnel. In order to tackle this concern, UEMO, represented by Dr Kjartan Olafsson, defends the strengthening of Clinical Informatics as an area of academic research and development of knowledge between technology/informatics and clinical activities. All in one, e-Health must support the relation between healthcare professionals and patients. The most important desired effect is to free up time to personal contact between doctor and patient, but also to contribute to the sustainability of healthcare systems.

The start of a new Joint Action eHAction was also covered during the stakeholder meeting. The members debated upcoming deliverables for the e-Health network and state of play from the Working Group on electronic health record exchange format and common semantic strategies. Also, a market study on telemedicine was discussed.

The e-Health Stakeholder Group Meeting is a temporary group that vows to foster the dialogue amongst the parts in order to create a platform of ideas and best practices. Overall, the e-Health group gives input on the design, implementation and evaluation of eHealth policy activities – in particular on the implementation of the eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020. Additionally, the expert group discuss and give input on the deliverables of the Joint Action supporting the eHealth Network and advise the Commission on eHealth-related activities by preparing reports and opinions and submitting relevant data.

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