UEMO policy on the promotion of CPD and quality improvement

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UEMO welcomes the result of the legislative process for the revision of the Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications and in particular the recital 15 and the new paragraph of article 22 b) on continuous professional development (CPD) which ensures the further strenghtening of CPD and its role for a safe and effective practice of professionals as well as the exchange of good practices between the Member States.

UEMO proposes guidelines and recommendations on appropriate CPD and on how CPD can benefit the quality of General Practice/FamilyMedicine[GP/FM].

CPD is essential to promote effective care for patients which will benefit patient safety. Therefore the General Practitioners/family physicians in UEMO believe that there is a responsibility to have guidelines on CPD and quality improvement for the profession.

All members countries in UEMO agree on a realistic proposal for sustainable CPD that should help the profession in each Member State. UEMO members are willing to exchange information on best practice in relation to CME for GP/FM.

Quality in Family medicine depends on keeping knowledge and competencies of the GP/FP up to date and requires an appropriate framework to achieve it. Doctors are encouraged to reflect on their performance and adjust it if necessary. CPD participation must be transparent to the appropriate bodies.
Health care systems must facilitate in time and resources to help GP/FPs to live up to these responsibilities.

The resources for CPD and quality assurance should be sufficiant and an integral part of the funding for general practice/family practice care.

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