UEMO Press Release on Specialty Recognition

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UEMO Press Release on Specialty Recognition

Press release 07th September 2021


European Union of General Practitioners considers that similar standards of training between general practitioners and hospital-based specialists justify European-wide recognition of general practice / family medicine as a specialty


       The British Medical Association (BMA) issued a response to the comments made by the Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education regarding general practice in the UK (https://www.bma.org.uk/bma-media-centre/bma-responds-to-portuguese-minister-s-comments-about-uk-general-practice-training). The BMA explained very clearly how GPs in the UK are trained to the very same standards of any hospital-based specialist. In fact, GP’s / Family Physicians undergo rigorous training throughout Europe as well.

      The European Union of General Practitioners (UEMO) supports the need to maintain rigorous training standards of GP’s / Family Physicians throughout Europe and refutes any suggestions or attempts to lower those standards, which would jeopardize the quality of medical care provided to European citizens.

       The fact that General Practice / Family Medicine has robust training programs and is recognized as a specialty in most European countries already reflects its equal standing compared to hospital-based specialists.

       Therefore, UEMO considers that the European Union needs to acknowledge that, at European level, the current distinction between specialized doctors training and specific training in general medical practice in the Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the recognition of professional qualifications, no longer reflects the current European landscape of general practice / family medicine, where most GP’s / family physicians are specialists in general practice / family medicine.

       UEMO thus calls on the European Commission to recognize that GP’s / family physicians also undergo specialist medical training and to include their formal qualifications in the Annex 5.1.3 of the aforementioned Directive. The recognition of GP’s / Family Physicians as specialists by the European Commission is a necessary step to value their role and importance to European healthcare systems and society at large.

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