UEMO Statement towards transparency on quality of care in General Practice

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The UEMO statement on quality in general practice was adopted in 1994 and in 2008 the general assembly of UEMO asked for a renewal of the out-dated document.
The members understood that simply defining quality of care does not suffice anymore. European general practitioners need to strive for more consensus on what they define as quality of care and on transparency. Yet quality of GP/ FM-care is bound to be different in the various countries limiting the generalisability of this document.
Using a uniform framework and comparable indicators for transparency would enhance our strength as a profession by being open to each other on our performance (outcome) and by accounting to the outside world on what services we offer to the patient and what efforts we make for quality (structure and process).
The name “Quality Assurance and General Practice” refers to a much wider field, but the working group decided to focus on transparency on quality of care.
We will refer in this statement to documents on quality of care of WONCA and EQUIP .
We will start with a summarizing statement of our policy paper. […]

Towards transparency on quality of care in general practice UEMO statement

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