UEMO welcomes Astana Declaration

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UEMO welcomes Astana Declaration

UEMO supports the Astana declaration promoting “primary health care and health services that are of high quality, safe, comprehensive, integrated, accessible, available and affordable for everyone and everywhere, provided with compassion, respect and dignity by health professionals who are well-trained, skilled, motivated and committed”.  UEMO welcomes the intention to invest in primary care. The creation of “decent work and appropriate compensation for health professionals and other health personnel working at the primary health care level to respond effectively to people’s health needs in a multidisciplinary context” is also an important point.

Regarding the multidisciplinary context, UEMO underlines the need of a “definition of responsibilities and limits, fostering a culture of mutual support and respect within healthcare team” and a “clear consensual definition of roles and tasks in the health care team”.  In European healthcare systems, the GP plays a pivotal role in the provision and coordination of primary care. The “specialist skills the GPs have in managing complexity and uncertainty, in diagnosing and in decision making” have to be recognised*. Everyone should have the right to access the specialist services of a family doctor.

Technology is a mean of facilitating people’s access to PHC, but the human contact remains fundamental. Moreover, the training and working conditions as well as adequate remuneration are essential to continue to attract motivated GPs and other primary care professionals that will contribute to the sustainability of the health care systems.

*UEMO position paper on the added value of team work, 2014: http://www.uemo.eu/2014/01/27/short-version-uemo-position-paper-added-value-of-team-work-in-gpfm/

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