UEMO’s French Delegation statement on COVID-19 vaccination

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UEMO’s French Delegation statement on COVID-19 vaccination

UEMO’s French delegation, the Collège de la Médecine Générale, issued a statement regarding the uptake of the AstraZeneca vaccine, in France, between 4 and 14 March.

According to the French delegation, General Practitioners were heavily involved in the early days of vaccination in the office with the AstraZeneca® vaccine against COVID-19.

Despite the temporary suspension, GPs will be there to optimize vaccination coverage, the French Collège de la Médecine Générale stated.

According to a survey conducted by the College of General Medicine, among a panel of general practitioners, between 4 and March 14, 2021, 73% of general practitioners have vaccinated in the office with the AstraZeneca® vaccine.

The main elements that contribute to their involvement are:

  • Usefulness for the health of their patients (94%).
  • Utility for the community (92%).
  • Show the commitment of the profession (76%).

The doctors got involved in the logistics They recruited the eligible patients:

  • 82% called patients after identification.
  • 58% of general practitioners used the list of general practitioner patients, on Ameli pro, for recruitment.
  • 96% discussed the risk benefits of vaccination prior to vaccination.

GPs managed the supply and storage of vaccines:

  • 52% reserved the vials after identifying the patients.
  • 76% went to get the bottle from the pharmacist.
  • 63% kept the bottle in the refrigerator (63% of them are equipped with a temperature control probe).
  • 52% had the vaccinations the day they went to pick it up.

GPs optimized the available vials:

  • 96% used all the doses.
  • 97% have organized additional and / or specific slots to the usual agenda.
  • GPs remained motivated to continue vaccination:
  • 98% of general practitioners wish to continue to vaccinate their patients with the AstraZeneca® vaccine.
  • 61% wish to vaccinate their patients with mRNA vaccines.
  • Among the 27% who have not started vaccination, 79% think they will vaccinate later.

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