UEMO’s General Assembly in Rome

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UEMO’s General Assembly in Rome

On the occasion of the General Assembly, UEMO representatives convened in Rome (October 26-28), where they discussed existing public health concerns. The General Assembly, the last meeting of the Italian presidency, will rotate its presidency to Romania. Tiago Villanueva (Portugal) was also elected as new vice-president. These two changes will be implemented as of the 1st of January 2019.

Regarding policy stances, UEMO adopted a position paper welcoming and supporting the European Commission’s strategy on vaccination and its several recommendations to increase the coverage rates in both children and adults. In order to ensure a vigorous handling of this topic, UEMO has decided to establish a Task Force on Vaccination with representatives from Ireland, Romania, Malta and Switzerland.

With Brexit looming in the horizon, the General Assembly dedicated time discussing its consequences for healthcare, with a particular focus on patient safety. How to mitigate possible crisis scenarios such as the lack availability of medicines, medical care across the Irish border, cross-border care after Brexit, recognition of qualifications, training and research, are some of the major pressing matters that require an urgent solution.

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