2019 welcomes the Romanian mandate Presidency at UEMO

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2019 welcomes the Romanian mandate Presidency at UEMO

After four years under the Italian mandate, UEMO welcomes the Romanian mandate Presidency to assume the accomplishment of its goals and targets of raising the voice of European GPs/FMs. Dr. Calin Bumbulut, the new President of UEMO who will be in charge of steering the discussion of important topics for General Practitioners/Family Medicine, said: “It was an honor for me to take part at the Italian mandate at the UEMO presidency. Your philosophy and your way of working will be continued in the next term. This is not a separation from the past but a promise of perpetual collaboration, of evolution versus revolution, to adapt us as an organization to the times that come.”

Dr Bumbulut is a family medicine physician, trainer in family medicine. He holds competences in enterprise medicine and general ultrasound and has lectured numerous courses. He is president of the Association of Family Physicians Satu Mare and Satu Mare College of Physicians and Vice-President of the Romanian College of Physicians. Author of 29 articles published in CNCSIS B + category journals, 2 chapters of books and numerous papers at scientific events, he is editor-in-chief editor of Medical Connections / Medical Connections magazine.

The year 2019 will also welcome a new Vice-President, the Portuguese Tiago Villanueva, family doctor and editor-in-chief of the Portuguese Medical Journal (the scientific journal of the Order of Physicians).

Amongst the main objectives of the UEMO are the defense of the role of General and Family Medicine doctors in health systems, the promotion of the training of these doctors and the aggregation of consensual visions among the various members so that they are represented in the European institutions and authorities.

With an ever-growing elder population and the rise of chronic diseases, the European Union faces several challenges to ensure the sustainability of healthcare systems across the continent. UEMO’s role as an important healthcare stakeholder will continue ensuring best practices for doctors to have guidance and to carry on the principles and values of an ethical and sustainable practice of medicine.

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