Portuguese GPs call for 30 minutes medical appointments

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Portuguese GPs call for 30 minutes medical appointments

The Portuguese daily newspaper “Público” announced that General Practitioners are calling for a minimum time of 30 minutes per appointment with each patient. The decision to push for change came from the Ordem dos Médicos (Medical Order) and it was sent to the Health Ministry for further approval.

The initiative, which was the result of an analysis carried out by the specialized schools of the Ordem dos Médicos (Medical Order), intends to create a regulation of consultation times to deal with “the great pressure” that exists in the area of health and the fact that both patients and doctors did not have “many times the time they should have for this first contact,” explains the Head of the Order, Miguel Guimarães. “We need to protect the doctor-patient relationship, the quality of medicine and the rights of patients.” The lack of time to talk to doctors today is one of the reasons that most cause patients to complain.

The president Miguel Guimarães said that the standard times presented in the proposal, which is not yet definitive, are a reference and that “the need for this intervention has to do with the organization of work.” For example, in general and family medicine, appointments are scheduled every 15 to 20 minutes, and there are also in hospitals more than one patient at the same time, which leads to waiting times.

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