UEMO delivers statement on Brexit

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UEMO 2020 – 073 Brexit_Statement

UEMO follows with great apprehension the lack of progress in the Brexit negotiations between the United Kingdom and the EU negotiating teams particularly with respect to health matters. The prospect of a “no deal” seems to be increasing, with no clear solution to the very significant healthcare difficulties which such a situation would create. UEMO once again repeats its appeal to both parties to find workable solutions to the concerns of doctors on both sides of the future border, including the issues of;

  1. Continued mutual reciprocal recognition of medical qualifications which allows doctors who qualified in other EU countries to work in the UK, and vice versa
  2. Continued sharing and accessing information on a doctors’ fitness to practice.
  3. The adoption of reciprocal healthcare arrangements in the absence of continuation of the European Health Insurance Card system, permitting reduced or no cost healthcare throughout the EU and the UK patients for their citizens
  4. Continued collaboration between the EU and the UK regarding
    1. Data sharing
    2. Emergency Preparedness planning for cross-border threats
  5. Continuing mutual participation in European Reference Networks which are key for the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases
  6. Continuing mutual access to EU/UK health-related research funding programmes to prevent undermining the development of new or improved medicines and medical devices across either border.
  7. The disastrous disruption to health services and healthcare provision for patients on the island of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and mainland UK, which have developed integrated health systems across their borders in accordance with the internationally recognised Good Friday agreement

UEMO formally reminds and professionally advises the Brexit negotiating teams and their principals that Covid -19 has, demonstrated vividly that

  • healthcare issues cross international boundaries
  • Diseases, especially infectious disease recognise no boundaries or jurisdictions
  • The health of the human race depends crucially upon the closest cooperation between nations on healthcare matters
  • That during the C-19 crisis the nations of Europe have relied upon close rapid and seamless systems of cooperation concerning
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • Public Health Intelligence
    • Public Health cooperation
    • ECDC
    • Clinical research both for treatment, containment and immunisation

UEMO reminds all parties of the widespread grave consequences to human health of any failure to achieve a comprehensive agreement on health matters by 31 December 2020.





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